I have a soft spot in my heart for families of all boys, but especially this family.  They are my really good friends whom now live in California.  We miss them dearly and so spending time with them is always a treat!! These handsome fellas were a lot of fun and we had lots of laughs!! The boys all look like little models.  I love you guys!!!







And their beautiful momma…




This one just makes me laugh!!!!







These two couldn’t be more perfect for eachother.  I love you guys! Thanks for having me be a part of your day!






She should be a model

I was not able to post these before the wedding because we did not want the groom to see his gorgeous bride before the wedding.  This was such a fun shoot!!! We went to so many different places and Brianna was up for anything! Isn’t she gorgeous!! She made her veli herself and her dress was STUNNING!!! Thanks Brianna!! You are gorgeous!!!





New family blog…

I have decided to create a new blog just for my family stuff.  That way I can keep business and family seperate and HOPEFULLY, I will start taking more pictures of my kids and documenting thier lives.  If you want to take a peak, go here.

A sunny day

It was a very bright and sunny day when Crystal and Clint got married, and everything turned out perfect!!!!! I love shooting weddings!!! I love my wedding clients!! It is so fun and amazing to be a part of a couple’s happy day! I feel like my wedding clients become my dear friends, and Crystal and Clint are no exception.  Thank you guys!!! And thank you for your patience!!!!





California Cuties

I have had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot this beautiful family when I  was in California a couple of years ago.  Recently they came to Utah and I got the pleasure of taking their portraits again.  They are indeed adorable kids.  Thanks L and maybe if I get down to California, we can have a family shoot at the beach. 


Look at this little cutie and her glasses. 

And these little cuties joined us for an impromptu session in thier cute tutus. 


Our last summer hurrah!!!!

Well summer has come to an end and we decided to take the kids out this weekend for a last minute mini vacation.  It started off on Friday with a birthday party for Spencer.  His birthday was the first of August but he was at scout camp, so we gathered up some friends and headed to boondocks.  The boys got to practice their driving skills on the slick track.  (warning!!! I can’t shoot a point and shoot camera!!! LOL!! )

Brenden and Jaeden enjoyed soaking everyone. 

They played race cars, miniature golf, laser tag, and lots and lots of video games!!!!  It was a great birthday party.

Then the next day we woke up and packed up and headed to Park city!! We had a ton of fun at the Park City summer park.  Our personal favorite was the alpine roller coaster.  If you have not done this yet, make it a goal to get up there and try it out.  Nothing like going to the top of a ski hill and then going down it on a roller coaster track!!! So fun!!!!!  I have to admit that the first time down scared me a little!!

Strapped in and ready to go!!


Going up

And coming down!!

This is the end of the coaster and there was no way to get pictures higher up.  But there were a lot of twist and turns and going really really fast!!!

Brenden and Jaeden tried out the trampolines and without hesitation, Brenden decided to start doing flips.  He just kept flipping over and over again.  Maybe we have a little gymnast on our hands.  LOL!. 


And of course all the boys had to try the rock climbing wall.  Here Kaleb and Jaeden do their best to reach the top.  Notice Kaleb does not have shoes on…that’s my boy!!!

And Spencer makes it to the top!!!

So after a day of roller coaster, alpine slide, zip line, miniature golf, trampoline and rock climbing, we finally went and got dinner, exhausted and sunburnt.  It was a lot of fun and I have to say that I love unplanned vacations. 

So the last two posts have been about my family.  Stay tuned for some beautiful images from a couple of weddings.