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She should be a model

I was not able to post these before the wedding because we did not want the groom to see his gorgeous bride before the wedding.  This was such a fun shoot!!! We went to so many different places and Brianna was up for anything! Isn’t she gorgeous!! She made her veli herself and her dress was STUNNING!!! Thanks Brianna!! You are gorgeous!!!






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New family blog…

I have decided to create a new blog just for my family stuff.  That way I can keep business and family seperate and HOPEFULLY, I will start taking more pictures of my kids and documenting thier lives.  If you want to take a peak, go here.

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A sunny day

It was a very bright and sunny day when Crystal and Clint got married, and everything turned out perfect!!!!! I love shooting weddings!!! I love my wedding clients!! It is so fun and amazing to be a part of a couple’s happy day! I feel like my wedding clients become my dear friends, and Crystal and Clint are no exception.  Thank you guys!!! And thank you for your patience!!!!





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