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What an adventure!!!

Cystal and Clint are such a fun couple.  We went and did their engagement shoot last week and they were up for anything.  I had so much fun with them.  The embarked on this crazy shoot that I don’t think anyone of us were prepared for, but it was great!!!! Thanks guys and I can’t wait until the next adventure…BRIDALS!!!

 Clint is a HUGE cowboy fan, so we had to get some in the jerseys!!

This old train is sooo cool.  Dangerous, but wickedly cool!!!

I thought this image screamed for some funky processing!!

Home of the nekkid man!!!!!

And off in the sunset!!! However, it was not romantic at all!!! They were walking through disgusting mud!! Poor Crystals pretty toes were covered in this black goo!!!! You were such a sport!!


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Brittany & Jeff

Could this couple be more beautiful??  They were a lot of fun to shoot even though I made them get dirty!  We went up AF canyon where it is incredibly green right now.  They are both so striking, I think it would have been impossible to take a bad picture.  I can’t wait for the bridals and the wedding.  They are one of the lucky ones that are getting married on 08/08/08!  I don’t think they will ever forget that date. 


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