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This tiny girl was the sweetest thing every.  She let me move her, bend her and do most everything I wanted.  The only time she made a peep was when I tried to fold her in half.  She did not like that!!! She just made my arms ache for a little one.  They are so sweet and innocent. 

If you plan on booking a newborn, please remember that the best time to do so is in the first two weeks of life. 

Congrats Kelly! She is beautiful!





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I know we have all heard it.  Kids these days…followed by some negative comment.  I myself am guilty of it.  We get discouraged and wonder what tomorrow will bring us.  But then I go and shoot a senior, and I am filled with hope.  These young adults have so much going for them.  They are proud and strong and beautiful both inside and out.  The strength and determination that they have at 18, I am still striving to attain.  I am amazed at the wonderful people they are and I can see the amazing potential they have.  It is such a fun experience for me to meet these young people and get to be a part of their journey into adulthood.  I only meet them briefly, but each one of them is so impressive to me.  I am not worried, I am excited.  These young adults are amazing.  Shay was one of these beautiful seniors.  Thank you Shay for letting me capture your senior pictures for you! Good luck in all your future endeavors.  I know you will do amazing things. 

These seniors show me that there is a lot of hope and for that I am grateful to them. 


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