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The new princess

And what a beautiful princess she is! Cari, I know you are so patiently waiting for these, but here is just a little sneak peak. If she did not live so close, I might have just taken her home with me. She is beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!!! More to come soon!! I promise!


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What a fun senior shoot. These two girls have been best friends forever and so they really wanted to do thier senior pictures together. They are both so gorgeous!!! They make being a photographer easy! We started off with the beauty of the mountains, and then the girls spotted a harley!! It took them no time to convince the owner to let them pose on the bike!!! We ended the shoot in the freezing cold water, they were both great sports. And then, what had started out as innocent fun, went a little crazy!!! LOL!!! Moms, sorry and I hope the lake smell comes out of their clothes. Thanks girls for the fun day!!!

Where it all went wrong!!!!!!

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