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I have been tagged….

I have been tagged by some photog friends and since I am it I am supposed to tell 5 weird things about me. So here goes….

1). I can not eat bread after it has been opened for more than one day! I have this obsession with mold and I KNOW that once the bread has been opened, the mold process has begun, thus I can not and will not eat it!!!!!!!

2). Another food weirdness. I will not eat certain foods just because of their texture! I don’t care if they are the tastiest thing in the whole wide world, if the texture is wrong, no can do. That is one reason why I will never eat a strawberry, I hate the seeds.

3). I have a huge personal space. When a friend comes in for a hug, my heart starts racing and I get all nervous!! I am sooooo not a hugger. Don’t know why, but it just freaks me out!!! I also hate being in any crowd where people are touching me!!! PANIC!!!!!
Did I say BIG PERSONAL space! LOL!!

4). I also hate to wear shoes!!!!! Despise them!!!! I think I own like 5 pair of shoes to my name and I HATE THEM. Even when there is snow on the ground, I will run to the neighbors without shoes on! Everyone thinks I am nuts but oh well!!! 🙂

5). I hate baths!! I hate hot tubs. Sitting in hot water is pure torture!!! A hot shower I LOVE!!!! But baths are not for me!!!!

OK, I do not know anyone with a blog that has not been tagged yet, so mine with have to end here.


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Little man

This guy was such a cute little man! And even though he wanted nothing to do with pictures, I think we got some moments!!

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I LOVE catching genuine emotion!!!! It is so great when you open a picture and realize that you have caught a child or parent laughing. Here are a couple of those moments. AND I promise I will try to update this more!!!!!!!

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Family Picture Madness

I have not posted FOREVER!!!! I have been very busy! What a crazy time with everyone realizing that the leaves are changing and they want Christmas pictures. I also took off for a week to California to visit my friend Sally and do lots of photo shoots!!! EXHAUSTING!!! But fun!!! Thanks Sally!!! Beach pictures will be included in a later post. For now, enjoy these little sweeties!!! Could you get any cuter than a boy with his dog???

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